Portal cp2 question - modules/com/ca/ does not exist.
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Portal cp2 question - modules/com/ca/ does not exist.


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CA Identity Portal


After Portal upgraded to CP2 question on modules folder update - 

The upgrade doc says to deploy the /modules/ folder:

****** HOW TO APPLY “modules” *********  Follow the below steps to upgrade the log4j and bc fips jar for JBoss/WildFly server: 
1. Stop the JBoss/WildFly server. 
2. Navigate to <JBoss/WildFly_HOME>/modules/com/ca/iam 
3. Back up the “log4j2” folder. 
4. Delete the existing “log4j2” folder and copy “log4j2” folder extracted from the patch file. 
5. Navigate to <JBoss/WildFly_HOME>/modules/com/ca/iam/crypto/main folder. 
6. Back up the “bc-fips.jar” file.

But no modules/com/ca/ folder exists in the environment:

How do we proceed with the applying the CP2 patch?


Release : 14.4


If you are still using plain password in "standalone.xml", you will not see the "/modules/com/ca/" folder.  


We strongly recommend to use encrypted password by following below 14.4 documentation: Encrypt Datasource Password

Completing the 14.4 documentation steps will create and populate the "/modules/com/ca" allowing you to apply the /modules/ portion of the 14.4 CP2 upgrade.