CA Service Catalog Tomcat Upgrade
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CA Service Catalog Tomcat Upgrade


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CA Service Catalog


This KB article provides steps to upgrade Apache Tomcat to version in CA Service Catalog 17.4 using the 'ant' cmd 


CA Service Catalog 17.4

All Supported Operating Systems


1.  Download the required Apache Tomcat version from 

2.  Choose the version to be upgraded to (i.e. 9.0.81)

3.  Click on the version link (i.e. v9.0.81/)

4.  Navigate to the bin folder

5.  Download the ZIP file (i.e.

Note : CA Service Catalog supports 64-bit Apache Tomcat, therefore it is recommended to download the 64-bit ZIP file

6.  Once download is successful, follow the below steps

  • Launch Administrative command prompt from the %USM_HOME% location

    To do this, go into Start Menu -> CA -> then choose "Service Catalog - Command Prompt"

  • Type command "ant upgrade-tomcat"

    If this command is performed correctly, you will see an output like this:

    Note the presence of "Administrator: CA Service Catalog r15.1" in the Windows title bar above which indicates that you are running the ant upgrade script with the correct command prompt config.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to upgrade Apache Tomcat version 

For reference, please refer to the below screenshot

Additional Information

Running the ant upgrade script outside of the "Service Catalog - Command Prompt", ie in a conventional command prompt, will result in errors in script execution, even as an Admin Command Prompt