Managing email templates (Portal administrators only) for Email quarantine
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Managing email templates (Portal administrators only) for Email quarantine


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This document describes how to manage email templates(Portal administrators only) for Email quarantine.




Instructions on managing email templates(Portal administrators only) for Email quarantine.


Administrators can use templates for a variety of routine types of user communication. You can select, display and customize templates for:

■ First Time (user)
■ Whitelist User
■ Whitelist Domain
■ Notifications
■ Password Reset
■ Usage Report
■ Alias Confirm
■ Alias Confirmed Master
■ Alias Confirmed Slave
■ Preset Alias
■ New Account

You can specify the domain of the users who will receive the communication. You can also specify the locales of the targeted users. A list of template placeholders and their definitions helps you determine how to customize the template to meet the needs of your users. The template editor provides a formatted environment you can use to enter your text. You can also view and work directly in the HTML source.

Note: If you create custom templates, then these custom templates must be recreated after a major system migration. The standard templates that are listed above are migrated automatically.

To send a template-based email notification

1. Login to Symantec Quarantine portal : or 

2. Click the Manage email templates icon on the left-side menu.

3. Specify the domain of the targeted user, select the desired template from the drop-down list, select the targeted user's locale, and click Get Template. The template editor appears.

4. Edit the variable fields in the template to include specific information about the targeted user. If you are unsure what the field should contain, consult the Email Place Holders list to the right of the template editor.

5. When you are finished editing the template's variable fields, click Preview to see what your completed email will look like.

6. If you are satisfied with your email's appearance, click Apply and then choose whether to apply your changes to the specified domain, all domains, or selected domains.

6 Click Apply Changes to save your changes.