Space allocation for the XCOMPSO temporary data set
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Space allocation for the XCOMPSO temporary data set


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What controls the space allocation of the XCOMPSO temporary data set?


Release : 12.0


The temporary/work data sets are dynamically allocated by the XCOM task using the PSO interface using some CONFIG member parameters.
XCOMPSO is the default HLQ used by the PSO interface for those temporary data sets per parameter PSOPREF.
The parameter PSOVOL controls the DASD volume name used and the parameter PSOUNIT controls the unit name used which defaults to SYSALLDA.
CONFIG member parameters PRI and SEC will control how large the temporary data set will be (they also use the ALLOC parameter). Please review those values and increase them if necessary.

Additional Information

NOTE: If a PDS/E load library is being transferred (rather than standard PSO transfer) then XCOM will use that input library's allocation information to allocate XCOMPSO rather than the PRI and SEC values. A temporary file is allocated and transferred to the remote system and the temporary file on the remote system is then copied to the actual PDS/E dataset. This all occurs behind the scenes with IEBCOPY.