Block the External Sharing of Google Forms
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Block the External Sharing of Google Forms


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Google Forms is a form sharing tool which has many sharing features. It could be a source of security concerns if used with the external world improperly. 

This article covers the external sharing part and how to control it.


"Google Forms" Gatelet is enabled.


There are two features related to sharing a Google Form externally:

1- Sharing the form externally using the "SEND" button

2- Restrict the access to the form via the Form Settings to the users of the organization (Available in the enterprise version)


1- Sharing the form using the "SEND" button:

This activity is recognized by "Google Forms Gatelet" as Form Share, the event is populated to Investigate as a separate event.

To control the share via "SEND", use a policy type "File Sharing via Gatelet" which allows only the users of certain domains.

Here is an example:

2- Restrict the access to the form via the Form Settings

This setting is located in the Form settings, under the "Response" section. if Enabled, then only users from the trusted organization is granted access to the Form.

Google Forms Gatelet recognize the setting change activity, and it populates a separate event in "Investigate"

To prevent the end users from modifying it, a Policy of "Access Enforcement via Gatelets" type can be used.

Here is an example:

Additional Information

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