CM_NIMBUS_PACKAGE not always up to date
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CM_NIMBUS_PACKAGE not always up to date


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We use "enable_cm_nimbus_package = true" to have CM_NIMBUS_PACKAGE table up to date. The CM_NIMBUS_PACKAGE doesn't seem to update all the time and in a timely manner when a package is deployed. Seems that, in some scenario that is yet to be identified, the table is not updatded whether in other cases is updated immediately.  


Release : UIM 20.4.x


Duplicated packages. discovery_server might be erroring on some duplicate entries for the a probe. For example, some of the custom packages used, including superpackages, might have a probe name mispelled. For example with a capital letter:




This duplication is causing, in some cases where this exists, that changes to the probe packages are NOT propagated to the DB nimbus_pakage table. 


To resolve the issue, the probe package identified with a capital letter must be uninstalled from all the controllers where it is running. 

Note: When the bad package is removed, before redeploying the good package again, wait for the BAD DB Entry to be deleted first, otherwise the issue will not be resolved.