FDM - clarification regarding the LARGETABLESPLIT and PARALLEL parameters options
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FDM - clarification regarding the LARGETABLESPLIT and PARALLEL parameters options


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are trying to use some parameters in the options file during our masking procedure to improve the speed of masking table process; the parameters are:


During our procedure we are trying to run the FDM masking job with a mono-thread (PARALLEL option = 1), but a problem arises when we want to mask a large table, and we set the LARGETABLESPLITENABLE parameter at Y (with a LARGETABLESPLITSIZE for example at 500000). Concerning with what we understood, when the LARGETABLESPLITENABLE parameter is set to Y the software split the target table in different groups and elaborates each group with multiple threads. This brings the procedure into Deadlock as soon as different threads try to read and elaborate the same table in the same moment.

We set the PARALLEL parameter to 1 just to avoid this problem, but it seems that the other parameters are overwriting it.

We now ask you if we are correctly using the parameters we mentioned above (maybe the combo of mono-thread and the LargeTableSplitEnable setting is not possible)?


Release : FDM 4.10


We don't support what you are trying to do. You're correct, FDM is overriding the PARALLEL=1, because with LARGETABLESPLITENABLE=Y you are telling FDM you want to use multithreading, so the application is forced to use multithreading by design. 

If you want to have FDM use a single thread, then you need to disable the Large Table Split, and not use the PARALLEL option.