Response Rule appy tag (MIP Label) fails in OneDrive
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Response Rule appy tag (MIP Label) fails in OneDrive


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Data Loss Prevention Cloud Detection Service for REST


You are testing to apply MIP label to a OneDrive document.

MIP is integrated in Enforce and CMP.

You have followed the below guides to configure it:


But in Enforce you are getting Rest Action Failed:




Reponse Rule as created:




Release : 16.0.1


The issue was in the custom payload field. It was missing a blank space - indicated with the yellow mark:
The right format should contain a space after each colon in the set:
{"labelName": "CONFIDENTIAL", "justificationText": "The document contains confidential information."}
Note the spaces which should be present:
{"labelName": "CONFIDENTIAL", "justificationText": "The document contains confidential information"}


After updating the Custom payload as outlined, the behaviour will look different in the incident snapshot:

Additional Information

The online help information should be corrected in a future update: