Unable to add image in Management Center
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Unable to add image in Management Center


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Management Center - VA Management Center


ManagementCenter# installed-systems view
1. Version :, Release ID : 281216, Locked : true, Booted : true
Boot Status : Last boot succeeded, BuildType : Release, CreationTime : 2023-01-20T20:21:36+0100
BootTime : 2023-10-10T14:38:21.442+0200, DisplayName : Symantec Management Center
Default system to run on next hardware restart: 1
Current running system: 1
System to replace next: None
ManagementCenter# installed-systems load ?
Description: Image uri
Possible completions:
<URL> SCP or HTTP/HTTPS URL. Examples:
password Password (optional)
username Username (optional)
ManagementCenter# installed-systems load http://x.x.x.x:8080/fs/download/ad23915794564ef6a42d92ec0826ce70
% failed
% ErrorCode : -14109
% ErrorMessage : Unable to add image. Images are either locked or default. Unable to delete the oldest image

There is only one image loaded on the appliance

Error message happens soon after the download and the installation check. 


Management Center Virtual Appliance 3.x and above


The Error Message is caused by not having enough space in the boot disk (disk 1), which is not following the current sizing.

Disk space for MC-VA can be verified from the VM host or by running CLI command " diagnostics heartbeat view | begin hostname" 


ManagementCenter#diagnostics heartbeat view | begin hostname 

            "hostname": "ManagementCenter",
            "total_memory": "8042496",
            "disks": [
                    "name": "sda",
                    "capacity": "2147483648"
                    "name": "sdb",
                    "capacity": "107374182400"
            "cpu": [
                    "cache": "30976 KB",
                    "cores": "2",
                    "hypervisor": "",
                    "model": "Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6152 CPU @ 2.10GHz",
                    "vender": "GenuineIntel",
                    "speed": "2095.077"
            "network_interfaces": [
                    "name": "nic0_0",
                    "mtu": "1500"
                    "name": "nic1_0",
                    "mtu": "1500"
                    "name": "docker0",
                    "mtu": "1500"

Note: the sda boot disk capacity is currently ~2.14 GB while each 3.x .bcsi disk image sizes are currently slightly greater than 1 GB.   

Although MC attempt to clear out old images to make enough space for the new image to fit, the current image cannot be deleted  leading to the Error Message  that says "Unable to add image. Images are either locked or default. Unable to delete the oldest image ."


 Management Center Virtual Machine default sizing for boot disk is  4 GB.  Increasing the boot disk without a re deploy is not recommended as this could result unrecoverable corruption.  

The only way to change the sda boot disk (disk 1) capacity is by deploying a fresh version.   

Additional Information

Sample are the high level steps to take when deploying:

1. Backup current MC Offload / export your backup

2. Deploy MC, with disk 1 = 4GB, Disk 2 = 100GB or higher

3. Import and Restore of the MC backup taken from the currently running MC,

4. Upgrade to MC or your target MC version .