"Reset Agent Public Key" does not work for non-TLS Agent
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"Reset Agent Public Key" does not work for non-TLS Agent


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


The admin option for agents "Reset Agent Public Key" does not reset the key for a non-TLS agent like AS400 OS/400 or MVS / z/OS
As confirmed during reproduction of problem, the REST trace shows only a delete from the OHC table and not from OHA.
OHA table contains the keys for non-TLS agents and OHC the keys for TLS agents.




Release : 21.0


Known Defect.


This defect is addressed in version 21.0.9 and higher,  available for download at downloads.automic.com.

Workaround: The agent can be deleted in client 0, the agent keystore contents deleted, and the agent restarted (please note that client assignments will need to be re-configured after this).

Additional Information

 - in client 0 create a new OS/400 Agent
 - activate REST process DB=4 trace
 - from admin perspective, agents, "Reset Agent Public Key"
 - deactivate traces