Setup for a DB2 data sharing environment
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Setup for a DB2 data sharing environment


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ACF2 - DB2 Option


There is an existing OPTS record for SSID ABC subsystem

A new one has been inserted for ABC* 

The existing rules eg

$KEY(resourcename) TYPE(TBL) SYSID(ABC)          

Will this have to be changed to use SYSID(ABC*) instead ? or is there a better way to do that.

I want to know about the masking of the subsystem name, and is there a better way as opposed to the above.
Is it necessary to change the existing rules or can they be made to work with multiple subsystems.


Release : 1.3


The DB2 OPTS record SYSID specifies the one- to four-character subsystem ID of the DB2 that the OPTS record will be used for.

The SYSID of DB2 rule specifies the DB2 subsystem that the rule applies to. The SYSID is the one- to four-character subsystem ID associated with a particular DB2 subsystem is defined in the IEFSSNxx member of SYS1.PARMLIB. So DB2 rules with $SYSID(ABC) would apply to DB2 subsystem ID ABC, $SYSID(ABC*) would apply to a four-character DB2 subsystem ID that starts with ABC.

The GSO OPTS GSYSID field can be used so that if multiple D2 subsystems have the same value for the group SYSID, all subsystems use the same resource rules. The value of the group SYSID is substituted as the SYSID() to match to resource rules when a validation is done.

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