Section Order in Subobject Module not persisted
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Section Order in Subobject Module not persisted


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After editing/reordering the sections on a subobject module, the order might be lost.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a Project subobject and API enable it.

2. Make a copy of the standard project Blueprint.

3. In that new Project Blueprint, add the subobject module and enable its properties navigation.

4. Edit the subobject module details.

5. Create 4 sections, named in ascending order 

section 1
section 2
section 3
section 4

Publish Blueprint (all ok)

6. Edit Blueprint - change section order in the subobject module to

section 4
section 3
section 2
section 1

Publish Blueprint again (all ok)

7. Edit Blueprint - go to sobject module and edit

Expected Results: The section order is persisted to 4,3,2,1
Actual Results: The section order is modified to 4,1,3,2

Workaround: Ensure correct order of subobject module sections each time when publishing even when not touching subobject modules.


Clarity 16.1.3




This issue is fixed in Clarity 16.2.1.