Only 25 events are displayed in Roadmaps
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Only 25 events are displayed in Roadmaps


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Only 25 events are displayed in Roadmaps, even if there are more that are synced into the Roadmap tables

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a project

2. Create 30 tasks in this project

3. Display the "Open for Time Entry" column in the Tasks Grid view. Uncheck this box against all tasks

4. Display "Milestone" and "Key Task" columns in Tasks Grid view. Check these two boxes against all tasks

5. Change the Start Date of these tasks. Let the first task begin on Jan 1, 2022, the second task on Feb 1, 2022, and so on. The 30th task will begin in Jun 1, 2024 if this pattern is followed

6. Create a Roadmap

7. Import the project from step 1

8. Sync the Roadmap, "with events"

9. Run the following query. Notice how all the 30 events are present in the Roadmap related tables. This is the same query that the application executes. It was captured via an application trace. Replace the internal ID of the Roadmap Item in the query, in place of 5000000

SELECT odf_q.*


SELECT row_number() OVER (

PARTITION BY roadmap_item_id ORDER BY odf_pk

) odf_row_num

,count(*) OVER (PARTITION BY roadmap_item_id) odf_num_rows



SELECT 'x' pmd_analytical_partition_by

, odf_pk

,cmn_event_data.code AS code

,cmn_event_data.INSTANCE_ID AS roadmap_item_id

,cmn_event_data.EVENT_ID AS event_id

,cmn_event_data.EVENT_DATE AS event_date

,cmn_event_data.EVENT_NAME AS event_name

,cmn_event_data.STATUS AS STATUS

FROM cmn_event_data cmn_event_data

JOIN srm_resources CREATED ON CREATED.user_id = cmn_event_data.created_by

JOIN srm_resources UPDATED ON UPDATED.user_id = cmn_event_data.last_updated_by

JOIN odf_ca_rdm_item_event odf_ca_rdm_item_event ON =


SELECT 'x' pmd_analytical_partition_by

, odf_pk

,rdm_roadmap_items.ROADMAP_ID AS roadmap_id

FROM rdm_roadmap_items rdm_roadmap_items

WHERE 1 = 1

) roadmap_item_id ON roadmap_item_id.odf_pk = cmn_event_data.INSTANCE_ID

WHERE 1 = 1

AND 1 = 1

AND (((cmn_event_data.EVENT_DATE IS NOT NULL)))

AND cmn_event_data.INSTANCE_ID IN (5000000)

AND 1 = 1

) odf_cols

) odf_q

ORDER BY odf_q.roadmap_item_id


10. Now, navigate to the Timeline view in the Roadmap Items tab

11. Let the periods be set to "Months", Start Period to "Jan 1, 2022", End Period to "Jan 1, 2025"

12. Notice the events that are displayed against the Roadmap Item from step 7

Expected Result: All 30 events are displayed

Actual Result: Only the first 25 events are displayed. This is evident in the response obtained to the REST Call that fetches data from the following endpoint.

The complete Request URL is as below.,eventDate,status,eventId),filter=(eventDate != null)))&fields=name,code,start,finish,currency,hasAgreementsHidden,agreementSuccessors,agreementPredecessors,linkedInternalId,linkedToObjectCode,timelineNone,timelineNone_timelinePos,timelineNone&filter=(scenarioId = 5008002)&limit=200&offset=0&sort=timelineNone asc,timelineNone_timelinePos asc&tsvParams=(workEffortUnit=fte)

Workaround: None.


This was reviewed as DE77656, and is resolved in 16.2.0.