SLA clock to be stopped for previous tickets after updating workshift
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SLA clock to be stopped for previous tickets after updating workshift


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We have a requirement to stop SLA clocks for the tickets which created before updating the workshift time.

Since here we have scenario like we need to update our workshift on very short notice and we are not able to plan it .

Suppose there is a public holiday tomorrow then we may come to know today only and we had to update our workshift calenday on urgent basis. Now the issue we are facing that all the tickets which created previously will breach on next day even the workshift is having holiday there.


CA Service Desk Manager 17.3 and higher


When a ticket is opened in SDM, the given ticket will create a series of entries in the backend Animator table, which will control when an SLA violation will be examined and test if it has been breached.  The current design is that these entries are generated and locked into place at the time the tickets are created and take into account the workshifts that are defined at the time the tickets are created.  If one then modifies the workshift after the tickets are created, the previous tickets will not know about the updated workshifts.  


It is not possible to backdate the ticket entries based on the updated workshifts.  Manually adjusting the backend Animator table entries in an attempt to introduce such backdating is not advised or supported.