PAM Web Portal to access our internal Citrix Storefront URL
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PAM Web Portal to access our internal Citrix Storefront URL


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We would like to configure PAM to be able to access our internal Citrix Storefront URL while leveraging the Symantec PAM Browser and the Symantec PAM HTML Web SSO auto login method.   

We completed the following:

- Setup TCP/UDP Service

- Setup the Citrix Storefront web device

- Created a Target Application

- Setup a Target Account

- Configured a Policy


Citrix Storefront requires the selection of the "light version" in order to initiate an HTML5 login experience.  This method of logging into Citrix bypasses the need to have a locally installed Citrix Workspace App which is not available in PAM Client.  When running through the "learn mode", there is not a way to initiate a click of this option in order to proceed to the next page.  We would like to request some assistance in configuring this through PAM and the automated web login.


Applies to all PAM releases as of October 2023, with 4.1.5 being the latest release at the time.


The transparent login feature for web portals has limited functionality at this time. It requires the username, password field and submit button to be on one page, and has no feature to select buttons or links on an initial landing page.


If you have RDP jump servers available, configure an RDP application that launches a browser on the jump server. The RDP transparent login feature is much richer and can accommodate this use case.

If RDP jump servers are not available, you would have to configure the Citrix Storefront account to use the light version by default. This should be ok to do for an account that is created specifically for use by PAM.