On Reporter, report is showing None and Invalid under the Supplier Country.
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On Reporter, report is showing None and Invalid under the Supplier Country.


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Reporter Reporter-S500 Reporter-VA


The Supplier Country is generated from the Geolocation database on the proxy.

This article is to explain the four system-generated Supplier Countries - None, Invalid, Unavailable, and Unlicensed.



1. None.

    This is due to the duplicate entries because the Reporter is processing the SSL access log as well and not only the Main access log. The SSL access log has usually been logged in when you are browsing an HTTPS website. There are user requests been handed off to the SSL proxy either because of SSL interception or SSL interception on exception (not SSL intercepted but having an SSL error). So the request that has "None" will also have another entry that has a country name. For example:

The website below was browse for only one time but it shows having two countries - US and None. This is from Reporter 11 but the outcome should be the same as Reporter 10.


    You can actually ignore this 'None' country because it's a duplicate entry of an entry that already have a country name.    


2. Invalid.

    The access log field that carries the country name will not be populated if the site is broken like failure to get DNS resolution, network issue etc or proxy did not make any attempt to connect to the website at all (maybe a force deny in the policy).


3. Unavailable.

    No geolocation database is installed.


4.  Unlicensed.

     The appliance does not have a valid geolocation license.