Sysview - CCEDA command and size of the ResponseData-field
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Sysview - CCEDA command and size of the ResponseData-field


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


The SYSVIEW command CCEDA provides an easy method of executing CICS CEDA  requests. The resulting response data is displayed.  

One of the fields displayed is ResponseData which is the response data generated from the CEDA request.  

What is the maximum size of the ResponseData field?


Sysview 16.0


The maximum length of ResponseData field is 255 characters.



Additional Information

The data contained in the display fields can be large.               
The provided field formats have been ordered and sized to display the
information based on typical data. 


The interface used to extract CEDA information has a limited      
buffer size. Expected data may be truncated. If truncation occurs,
reenter the command requesting more selective or specific data.