Question about IP/port configured for each TCP/UDP Service
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Question about IP/port configured for each TCP/UDP Service


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Should we have different IP configured for each TCP/UDP Service as you see below we have same IP for multiple services ?




Release : 4.1


Customer has a similar definition like this (this is a sample from lab)




443:9443 will establish a tunnel between local port 9443 and the remote port 443 on the target system. If you want to keep this same configuration for several services, that is, in all case the mapping between 443 remote and 9443 local, then you indeed need to change the local loopback so that starting those 2 services at the same time will not cause port conflicts
 alternatively if instead of 443:9443 you use 443:* you can have the same loopback up for all services
because the locally mapped port will be picked up randomly and using a port not in use and therefore there will be no chance that the same local loopback ip is listening on the same port for two different services