How to disable PXE services (NBS Service)
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How to disable PXE services (NBS Service)


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IT Management Suite Deployment Solution


The customer is trying to clean up his Deployment Solution environment and set up a new one. He needs to remove PXE service before he moves forward.


ITMS 8.6, 8.7


In order to disable PXE, you will need to remove NBS (Network Boot Service) from any Site Server that has it.

1) The simplest way to remove PXE for being used with the Deployment Solution process is to remove the NBS Service:

Under Settings>Notification Server>Site Server Settings>Site Servers>select your site server with NBS services>Services>Install/Remove Services and uncheck "Network Boot Service"

2) OR

Just go to your Site Server with NBS and under the Agent UI > NBS Server tab, manually stop the services