Datacom CASYSTEMTABLES structure audit
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Datacom CASYSTEMTABLES structure audit


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Datacom Datacom/DB


All Datacom maintenance has been installed in a MUF environment . Is there a report that can be run to show that the CASYSTEMTABLES database structure is current in this MUF?


Datacom 15.1 


There is no report that can be run . It requires a bit of work to verify that the structure of the CASYSTEMTABLES base is current with the maintenance that got installed .  

Member BTG1000 in CABDSAMP has the current DDUPDATE cards to define CASYSTEMTABLES .

  1. Copy CABDSAMP(BTG1000) into another PDS . 
  2. Delete the cards at the top to obsolete the base and the cards at the bottom that copy the T001 structure to PROD , catalog the base and delete the T001 structure.  
  3. Add CASYSTEMTABLES in T001 by running DDUPDATE using the cards from the modified BTG1000 member. 
  4. In DDOL ( or via DDUPDATE) , run SET BAS on CASYSTEMTABLES in T001 ( password DD) 
  5. Run DDBTGLM on the base structure in status T001 and again on status PROD by punching the generated BTG cards to a unique data set for each run . There are 2 datasets then , one for  BTG1000.T001 and another one for BTG1000.PROD   
  6. Run in ISPF SuperC to compare the BTG1000.T001 dataset with the BTG1000.PROD dataset