SYSVIEW for DB2 Batch Reporting Query BTSTASM1
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SYSVIEW for DB2 Batch Reporting Query BTSTASM1


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


Running the DB2 Statistics Batch Report BTSTASM1 to find out the HWM for MAXDBAT Usage. The Output Report contains a section " DISTRIBUTED DATA FACILITY " which has a field for MAX DBAT for ACTIVE and INACTIVE. 

This value seems to remain the same until DDF is restarted. For Example, if for Monday the Maximum DBAT had reached the limit say 500, the report shows 500. When the report is run say for the next Friday, even though the Maximum DBAT hasn't reach 500 on Friday, the report still shows 500.

It seems like this field is not getting reset unless DDF is restarted. Is it possible to find an exact value for the Maximum DBAT that was used for each day for some performance analysis?



Release : 20.0


The only way to get Maximum DBAT values daily is via an online report. 
There is no batch version.

It is the HSUSVCS screen "Thread Counts History Summary "

View System History

2  System History  add a Time Range of a whole Day

PF6 for Summary select 6 More select 6 Thread and Command Counts to see HSUSVCS screen

HWM Maxdbat Threads Max Int
Max is the Maximun Int is the Maximum for the interval which is a whole day if that is what is selected.

Be aware you must have this parm set. HWM-SAMP-INT=nn must be set. see Tracing Parameters.

Tracing Parameters

Note this is an online figure only. The HWM values are available online only for the current and past subsystem history intervals.