Load extract data to a target when no access to a remote Db2 ssid exists using RC/Extract
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Load extract data to a target when no access to a remote Db2 ssid exists using RC/Extract


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RC/Extract for DB2 for z/OS


Use RC/Extract for Db2 for z/OS (RCX) to obtain production data and load it to test when a remote Db2 ssid (i.e. not on the same LPAR) has no
Db2 DDF access between the two Db2 subsystems.


For this example the Db2 SSID's are:

xxxx = Production
yyyy = Test

1. On the Source subsystem(xxxx) , carry out the Extract of the production data from xxxx by creating a Source Definition in the usual way and then perform the
extract and generate an extract object dataset.....in this example called AUTHID.xxxx.EXTOBJ

Assumption: DASD is shared between the two LPARS. If DASD is not shared then transferring the extract object dataset manually using something like a TSO SEND and then a TSO RECEIVE will be required. Also, depending on the size of the extract object dataset it might be also efficient to use something like TRSMAIN to pack the dataset for transfer and then unpack it on the target LPAR. 

2. Log on to the target SSID(yyyy) on it's local LPAR that is the Target for the load data and load the data to the local table.  

On the RC/Extract main menu switch to the local target SSID, Registry SSID ===>  yyyy

Select menu option 1  EXTRACT/LOAD SERVICES and go straight to option 3 - Define Targets in Load Functions

In the extract object field (which should start as blank) manually enter your extract object dataset name obtained from xxxx.

----------- RC/Extract Target Definition Selection ----------

Extract Object ===> AUTHID.xxxx.EXTOBJ
Target Definition:
  Creator      ===> AUTHID         (Blank or pattern for list)
Name         ===> @TRGDEF1   (Blank or pattern for list) <=====change the name of the Target Definition if you wish to but not required.

Then press enter and change the Target SSID   ===> xxxx initially displayed to yyyy so that the source data can be mapped to the local target table(s) on yyyy correctly. The source data being on the extract object which was obtained from xxxx.

Then PF3 back after the mapping is complete to your satisfaction and then you can do the load with option 4 - Perform Load on yyyy as normal with SQL or PFU(if available). 

That will get the data from xxxx to yyyy without having remote access via Db2 between these two subsystems.

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