Add additional value in PrimaryOSType with USM schema for AS400.
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Add additional value in PrimaryOSType with USM schema for AS400.


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


I finally got a fix to UIM for the AS400 robot to provide the OS version, I corrected the catalyst connector policy, to pass the AS400 value as PrimaryOSType.

Now I have a problem processing it in SOI. I can see value in USM properties in double quotas, I don't understand why, but value is there.

When I try to use PrimaryOSType in Service Discovery, I have a real issue. It is impossible to write your text, and the value AS400 is not available in the Attribute value.

Even if I use Comparison Is Not Set it doesn't work well.



Release : 4.2


Follow the below steps to add additional value in PrimaryOSType with USM schema:

Stop the Catalyst connector

Open and edit the below file


     3. Search for ‘OS400’ and add below to the next line

         <usm-meta:HierarchicalValue value="AS400" shouldBeTranslated="false"/> 

     4. Stop all the SOI services

     5. Open and edit below file same as above(Step#3) on SOI manager side.


     6. Run the registryloader.bat from the below path using the command prompt


     7. Start all the SOI services

     8. Start the catalyst connector