IDMS Job abends 3134 with abend code IX26
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IDMS Job abends 3134 with abend code IX26


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IDMS batch job getting U3134 abend with code IX26, error message is:
DC208001 IDMS job abending with abend code IX26                                 


Release : 19.0


The IXnn abend codes are documented in section ABNDIXNN:

A nonzero status has occurred in a critical DBMS indexing routine and the call in error was not followed by a ROLLBACK or ROLLBACK CONTINUE command. The run unit is aborted, forcing a rollback to preserve the integrity of the database. <nn> is the minor code of the previous call.

The Minor Code 26:

The record cannot be found, or no more duplicates exist for the object record.


The IX26 abend code indicates a problem with processing an index.

To resolve the problem for a system owned index MA set run a MAINTAIN INDEX REBUILD FROM MEMBERS.

If this does not resolve the problem, do a MAINTAIN INDEX BUILD.


Additional Information

See IDMS documentation section MAINTAIN INDEX.