Time Zone Inconsistency Viewing Session Recordings
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Time Zone Inconsistency Viewing Session Recordings


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


When viewing recordings dated prior to April of this year, in the "Now Playing" --> "Session Info" section in "START" and "END" the time zone appears as CST and for later recordings it is displayed as CDT.

Early March recording:

April recording:

This causes an auditing problem for us. How can we change that behavior?


Applies to any PAM release.


What time zone you see for the recordings depends on the date/time settings on the desktop where the PAM client runs. If you have option "Adjust for daylight saving time automatically" set, then you will see different time offsets depending on whether the recording was taken while DST was off or on.




If you don't want to see the recording times with the DST offset, then you would turn that option off. 


With DST adjustment turned off, you will just see the same time zone offset when you edit a session recording, no matter which day in the year it was recorded on:


Note that you have to restart the PAM client after changing the time zone. Logging out and back in is not sufficient as the local time zone is picked up when the JRE gets initialized.