Administrative logs in VIP Manager
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Administrative logs in VIP Manager


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VIP Service


Customer's request for Symantec VIP logs and support for setting up new customize request


Release : Enterprise Gateway - 9.9.2


Service Description:

  • The Symantec VIP cloud service is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform now managed by Broadcom (formerly Symantec).
  • As a user, you should be aware that there is no direct access to logs for local users. The logs are managed and accessed exclusively by the Engineering team at Broadcom.

Transaction Tracking and Reporting:

  • To help you track your transactions and monitor activity on the VIP portal, we have provided a reporting tool.
  • This reporting tool allows you to generate reports and export them in CSV format. You can also customize scripts to meet your specific use case requirements.

Support Clarification:

  • Our support team is here to assist you with the investigation of any reported issues related to the Symantec VIP service.
  • We can offer guidance and recommend best practices to help you navigate any challenges. However, please note that we are not equipped to provide assistance with setting up or upgrading your environment.
  • For such requirements, we recommend reaching out to the franchisee or reseller who initially provided you with the VIP service. They can offer support for partner services or professional services to address your specific needs.