Upgrading clients to SCM v14.0.2
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Upgrading clients to SCM v14.0.2


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


Planning to upgrade the users to SCM v14.0.2.  Requesting information and assistance.


Release : 14.0


For customers who are seeking a simpler way to traverse all the steps needed to install SCM Client or SCM Workbench Only Client version 14.0.2, one solution could be to prepare a Windows batch script that will complete the process.

You will need 

  • The installation dvd image for SCM version 14.0,
    • \vcredist_x64\VC_redist_x64.exe
    • \vcredist_x86\VC_redist_x86.exe
    • \client\winx86_64_client\CA Harvest Software Change Manager v14.0.0 Client 64 Bit.msi  (for full client install)
    • \client\winx86_64_client\setup.exe  (for full client install)
    • \client\winx86_64_workbench\CA Harvest Software Change Manager v14.0.0 Workbench 64 Bit.msi  (for workbench only install)
    • \client\winx86_64_workbench\setup.exe  (for workbench only install)
  • The installation zip file for SCM version 14.0.2 refresh pack - CAHarvestSCMV1402_Win64.zip
    • CAHarvestSCMV1402Client64Patch.exe  (for full client install)
    • CAHarvestSCMV1402WBOnly64Patch.exe  (for workbench only install)
  • A batch script to execute all the steps.

Here is an example script that can accomplish the task.  This script is offered as-is, as an example only, and cannot be enhanced or supported by Broadcom Support.

@echo off

REM If SCM Agent is installed and running stop the service

for /F "tokens=3 delims=: " %%H in ('sc query "CA Harvest SCM Agent Service" ^| findstr "        STATE"') do (
  if /I "%%H" EQU "RUNNING" (
   net stop "CA Harvest SCM Agent Service"
   echo SCM Agent service stopped

REM If rtserver.exe is running, kill it

for /F "tokens=3 delims=: " %%H in ('tasklist ^| findstr "rtserver.exe"') do (
  taskkill /IM rtserver.exe

REM Current installation folder

echo 1. Uninstall previous version

wmic product where "name like 'CA%%Software Change Manager%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive

echo pause

echo 2a. Install vcredist

14.0.0\vcredist_x86\VC_redist_x86.exe /install /quiet /norestart
14.0.0\vcredist_x64\VC_redist_x64.exe /install /quiet /norestart

echo pause

echo 2b. Install SCM 14.0.0 Full Client

14.0.0\client\setup.exe /s /v"/qn REBOOT=ReallySupress /l \"Client.log\""

echo pause

echo 3. Upgrade to 14.0.2

14.0.2\CAHarvestSCMV1402Client64Patch.exe /s /v" /qn  /l \"Patch.log\""

echo DONE


Additional Information

SCM 14.0 DVD image download is here: https://support.broadcom.com/group/ecx/productfiles?sellable=CCCBSF990&release=14.0&os=MULTI-PLATFORM&servicePk=0000&language=EN

SCM 14.0.2 Refresh Pack download is here: https://support.broadcom.com/web/ecx/solutiondetails?aparNo=99111356&os=LINUX%20-ALL