Clarity Jobs and Windows patch maintenance
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Clarity Jobs and Windows patch maintenance


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We are looking to do a weekly Windows maintenance and validating the OOTB and custom jobs which are scheduled at this time. We found OOTB non visible jobs such as PURGE_EXPORT_DOWNLOADS or Deactivate Expired Tracing

What would be the recommendation to avoid any issues when applying Windows patches?


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  • We do not recommend updating non visible seeded jobs. They will not affect Clarity data. 
  • Only reschedule jobs visible in UI by going to Clarity - Reports and Jobs

For the Windows maintenance, to avoid any issues,  the following best practices for jobs downtime are recommended by Broadcom Support:

  1. Prior to Windows Patch, bring the Clarity services down by running service stop all
  2. Perform the patching activities
  3. When ready, bring the services back up including BG
  4. Any jobs that haven't run at that time will run post maintenance, which is recommended