Task Scheduler hangs for server logged in via CAPAM
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Task Scheduler hangs for server logged in via CAPAM


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


When CAPAM users connect to the target windows host using the access method and invokes/runs the task scheduler, the task scheduler starts and is not responsive. (Meaning, the user can't edit or create a new scheduled task)

But same task scheduler responds and the user is able to edit and create new tasks when they connect to the same target device directly using RDP.



Release : Supported 4.x version


To overcome this problem, please define RDP as a TCP/UDP service and associate this with the Target Device.

Define the policy for accessing the target device using the RDP Service.

Connect to the target device and after open the scheduled tasks, now the user is allowed to edit the existing scheduled jobs and is also able create new jobs without any problem.