Data_engine probe down
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Data_engine probe down


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Ticket is getting not created.  Primary hub Data_engine probes are down

from data_engine log

 Line    1234: Sep 14 22:34:14:824 [10752] 5 de: lockStatisticsFile UNLOCK
 Line    1700: Sep 14 22:34:15:727 [10752] 5 de: lockStatisticsFile LOCK


UIM : 20.4


its seems it be  customer database where uim server not able to connect  to UIM database. When data_engine is unable to connect to the database, this has an impact on multiple areas of UIM, because there are many probes that require the database connection details to either read from, or write to, the backend database, and if data_engine cannot connect, it cannot formulate a proper connection string to provide to the other probes, and they will often fail to start/turn red/go into error states when data_engine is not providing a proper connection string. It is extremely likely to cause cascading failures of other components.

there is evidence that appears to indicate that there may be a backend Database server issue that needs to be addressed by your DBA Team