Where is the Easytrieve Plus Report Generator Toolkit documentation?
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Where is the Easytrieve Plus Report Generator Toolkit documentation?


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Easytrieve Plus Report Generator Toolkit


Where is documentation on the macros for the Easytrieve Plus Report Generator Toolkit?

What documentation is provided?  It is not located with the Easytrieve Report Generator documentation.


Easytrieve Plus Report Generator Toolkit, release 2.0


Under the Support Portal for Documentation for the Easytrieve Report Generator product, this is the link:


2. From there, please select Additional Resources and please page down:

Documentation for Previous Easytrieve Releases and Other Associated Products
Legacy documentation for the following products is available in the Easytrieve Community Library:
Easytrieve 6.4, 11.0 (SP4), 11.5
Easytrieve Japanese 11.0 (SP4), 11.5
Toolkit (Release 2.0)
Installation and Macro Reference guides
IQ Online Query (Release 3.1)
Administrator, Installation, and User guides
Easytrieve Online Query
 Report Generator (Releases 1.3, 1.4)
Introduction to the Language, Language Reference, and Programmer guides
PanAudit Plus (Release 3.0)
Installation, Macro Reference, and Message guides
 (2.5 Oracle only, 2.4, 2.3)
Getting Started (2.4C), Cover Letter 2.5 Oracle only, Interface Installation guide 2.3 MVS, VSE
Administrator's Guide
Installation Guide
Reference Manual
Sample Session

3. Clicking on the 'Easytrieve Community Library' link will take you to the Easytrieve Report Generator Toolkit Legacy Guides, consisting of a zipped file with two PDFs.

4. Click on the Download button for the PDF.

This will then download a zipped file, which contains the following 2 files: