Mass deploy DAgent
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Mass deploy DAgent


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Are there best practices for mass deploying the DAgent on Windows computers?


Release : 3.3


The 'Remote Agent Installer' tool includes the option to select the 'Entire Network' when creating a list of clients for DAgent installation:


For this example, select 'Directory'

Select Domain  (ex: EPM)

Select Computers

Select all the computers under that domain and OU group

Select a range of computers with a select and shift key

Then click 'OK' and 'Finish'

The above example is from a domain. Other resources under Entire Network can also be queried

Another method is to use a GPO using msiexec: 

msiexec /i dagent_x64.msi /qn server_tcp_addr=SpecifyHereYourGSSserverAddress server_tcp_port=402

Follow this techdoc for scripted installations:

If advanced configuration is needed, use the aclient inp answer file as shown in this techdoc: