After Migration to 14.4 Centos 8 vApps some endpoints / data are missing
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After Migration to 14.4 Centos 8 vApps some endpoints / data are missing


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CA Identity Suite


We have upgraded our environment from 14.3 to 14.4

Issue 1:

Then while validating endpoints from Modify User endpoint account it is not loading and giving below error:


But endpoints are listing from Provisioning manager.

Issue 2:

We suddenly notices 2 AD endpoints are missing after upgrade. We had total 3 AD endpoints now can see only one AD endpoint.


Release : 14.4


The original issue was caused from the CentOS8 nodes not having all the data from the CentOS6 nodes. We performed MW recovery for these nodes following the below KB and we were able to confirm that all the endpoints were restored.

After we restored the data, we had to fix the servers.dxi files to now match the appropriate sizes of the DSA's. The new imps sizes were 250mb but the old ones (CentOS6) were 2000mb. This is most likely the root cause of why the data wasn't fully copied over from CentOS6 to CentOS8.
Once all dxi files properly matched the .db file sizes, we had to fix the managing connector servers for each endpoint.
Connector Xpress > IMPS > Endpoint > Set Managing CS > Selected appropriate servers.


Additional Information

"Arithmetic overflow error for data type smallint, value = 32768." This was resolved by following the below KB:

Database performance tuning for IM and IP:

AD performance tuning (set value to 200 from 10):