OC 20.4 CU8 alarm and inventory filter view Issue
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OC 20.4 CU8 alarm and inventory filter view Issue


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The Operator Console CU8 keeps filter value stored and used across screens in the Inventory  section. When selecting a device alarm view that does not match the filter, no alarms are shown. This is very confusing and can lead to misjudgment. This issue can be reproduced using the steps below:

Navigate to Alarms from a fresh session / new web browser instance (no filters active).

Result: All current alarms are shown. 

Enter a filter (example with quick-filter 'cam')

Result: As expected, the limited set of alarms is shown

Navigate to Groups, open top-level group, switch to Alarms view tab.

Expected result: all alarms should be shown  ---> Actual result: only a subset of the alarms from the previous filter are shown.

Navigate to Inventory, choose a device with open alarms

Result: as expected, the list shows 6 alarms for the chosen device. 

Open the device, Summary Tab

Result, as expected: 6 open alarms shown in header.

Navigate to Alarms tab...

Expected result: 6 open alarms are listed ---> Actual result: no alarms listed 

Press Ctrl-Shift-R to reload the browser window with cleaned cache.

Result: now the 6 alarms are shown. 

Note: This also happens with predefined filters - and probably (not explicitly tested), column filters too.

Conclusion: the previous filter from the Alarms page appears to be silently applied in the Group lists and Device Alarms views, despite not being shown anywhere in the filter boxes of the Alarms tabs on Groups and Devices.

A clean reload with browser cache flush or an explicit clearing of the filters is required:

Explicit clear: Enter character in the filter box and delete it again, or selecting and deselecting a predefined filter - where appropriate - is required to show the actual state of open alarms.


  • Release: 20.4 CU8


  • Defect


  • Resolved in CU9.