Accesslog to upload to FTP server timed out after 10sec.
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Accesslog to upload to FTP server timed out after 10sec.


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ISG Proxy


Upgrade to from 6.7.x. AccessLog FTP upload has failed. This is typical error messages in eventlog.

2023-09-05 02:02:11 "Access Log FTP (main): read_line: response=125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting."  0 E0000:96  alog_ftp_client.cpp:1750
2023-09-05 02:02:21  "Access Log FTP (main): read_line: Socket error occurred receiving response from remote server, status=-1, error.code=4294967295"  FFFFFFFF E000A:1  alog_ftp_client.cpp:1723
2023-09-05 02:02:21  "Access Log FTP (main): Socket error occurred on data channel."  FFFFFFFF E000A:1  alog_ftp_client.cpp:2025
2023-09-05 02:02:21  "Access Log (main): error in sending log data (no bytes sent from this queue), error code = -1 [-1]"  0 E000A:96  alog_stream.cpp:2044
2023-09-05 02:02:21  "Access Log (main): Log uploading failed.  Remote filename: ProxyName_main_Custom__20230905020000.log size: 114134 KB."  0 E0008:1 Mailed alog_manager.cpp:1251
2023-09-05 02:03:21  "Access Log (main): Unable to connect to remote server for log uploading"  0 E0008:1  alog_facility_impl.cpp:2816

Error occurs 10 sec after the start of sending packets.



Release : --


There are two possible reasons.

- FTP data connection's latency would be very slow before release For example, 400Mbytes accesslog takes over 10sec when it hit an issue, It usually takes 3~4 sec.

- FTP keep-alive-idle time is introduced. 10 sec is default value. 





Upgrade to or later to solve the FTP upload latency issue.
Workaround is to restart the SG if SG's running time is over 49 days.
Or extend keep-alive timeout, default 10sec to 600.

(config access-log)edit log main
#(config log main)ftp-client keep-alive-idle 600