TPX User Exit, TPXUSNSF Best Practices
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TPX User Exit, TPXUSNSF Best Practices


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TPX - Session Management


Are there any best practices on the use of the TPX user exit TPXUSNSF?



Release : 5.4 

Component: TPX for Z/OS


 TPX has a signon / signoff user exit called TPXUSNSF

  • This is shipped with the product and resides in your .....CB0VLOAD library. The source is in hilvl.CB0VSRC.
  • The TPXUSNSF load module must be present for TPX to start.
  • This user exit can be customized and assembled into a USER loadlib.
  • Do not replace the TPXUSNSF load module that is delivered with the product.
    Always introduce a USER.LOADLIB for customized exits and concatenate ahead of the CB0VLOAD library.

The 'default' TPXUSNSF module has the following Date/time:


  • Be aware this is the updated module from PTF SO07753 which added CALLPOINT 52 to the exit for Lock passphrase support.
  • The source resides in hilvl. CB0VSRC.

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