2023 Intelligence Services and WebFilter Category Test Database
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2023 Intelligence Services and WebFilter Category Test Database


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Intelligence Services ProxySG Software - SGOS


Test Database Update 2023

On September 18, 2023, the WebPulse team made a test database available for Intelligence Services and WebFilter (formerly Blue Coat Intelligence Services and Blue Coat WebFilter) customers to test policies against the new “Generative AI” category. The new category is part of the WebFilter URL category update scheduled to go live on October 2, 2023. The test database will contain the new category plus all existing  categories, as they will appear when the update goes into effect on October 2, along with a single test URL for each category. The single test URL is located in the address bar of the test page and should not be confused with the category examples provided further down the page. Here is an example of what a test URL looks like: http://testrating.webfilter.bluecoat.com/Generative%20AI. Do NOT attempt to test using any of the multiple example sites provided for each category.

Important note

This database contains only test ratings and should only be deployed in a test lab environment for the purposes of developing and testing policy. It is not appropriate for use in production environments.

A complete listing of test ratings for all BCWF categories in the database is available here. This listing was also updated previously to include the new category.


To configure your Edge SWG (formerly ProxySG) to use this WebFilter test database do the following:

  1. Enter the Edge SWG management console

  2. Under Content Filtering, Blue Coat WebFilter configure the SG to retrieve content filtering updates from this URL:

  3. After applying the URL, go to the Edge SWG's configuration page and initiate a manual download by clicking the “Download now” button.

  4. Verify that the download of the BUFF file from the new URL is successful using “View Download Status”.

To configure your Edge SWG to use the Intelligence Services test database do the following in a test environment:

The configuration for Blue Coat Intelligence Services can only be done from the command line interface

To complete the test you will need to spoof DNS to point to the test server (​​  Steps 1-6 show how this can be done from an Edge SWG.

  1. Get the SG's IP address
    #(config)show interface 0:0

  2. Configure the SG to proxy DNS traffic
    #(config proxy-services)edit DNS
    #(config DNS)intercept all all 53

  3. Add policy to have the DNS server return the IP address for subscription.es.bluecoat.com

    WARNING!  This will REPLACE your local policy.  If you want to keep your existing policy then you need to append this to your existing policy.

  4. #(config)inline policy local EOF

    [Include Existing Local Policy here]
    dns.request.name=subscription.es.bluecoat.com dns.respond.a(

  5. Change the Edge SWG to use it's own IP address (from step 1) for the DNS Server
    #(config dns-forwarding)create testdatabase
    #(config dns-forwarding)edit testdatabase
    #(config dns-forwarding testdatabase)add server <sg-ip-address>
    #(config dns-forwarding testdatabase)add domain subscription.es.bluecoat.com

  6. Clear the DNS cache
    #clear-cache dns-cache

  7. Verify that subscription.es.bluecoat.com resolves to IP address
    #ping subscription.es.bluecoat.com

  8. Load the test database
    #(config content-filter)bluecoat
    #(config bluecoat)download get-now force

  9. In the out line, a line similar to the following should be displayed.
    Database version:     400000000

To test the new category from a successfully downloaded testing database, the following URL can be used:

  • Generative AI: http://testrating.webfilter.bluecoat.com/Generative%20AI