Modify GLBLTYPE -Change the order of type sequence
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Modify GLBLTYPE -Change the order of type sequence


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The Applications team submitted an Endevor batch job that contained ADD and TRANSFER actions for Type COBOL and LINKCARD.  Endevor should have added the cobol program, then the linkcard, then trasnferred the cobol program and finally transfer the linkcard.  The batch job failed because the cobol program got transferred before the linkcard.  Why is this happening and how can it be resolved? 




Release: All Supported Releases 


Element actions are processed in the type sequencing order which is defined in the type sequencing member in the parmlib. Types positioned higher in the member are processed before those positioned lower.  In this situation the type COBOL was defined before type LINKCARD in the Global Type Sequencing member. 

To resolve the problem, edit the Global Type Sequencing member and move the types to be in the order needed. 



Additional Information

For more information on Global Type Sequencing please see the documentation:

If you have any questions please contact your local Broadcom Endevor Support Team.