CDM does not show TOP CPU consuming processes in alarms
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CDM does not show TOP CPU consuming processes in alarms


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We activated the "Top CPU consuming processes in alarm" but the TOP processes are not showing up in the alert. 

And this issue for all cpus monitoring on complete enivirment.


In fact, the callback get_top_n_processes is not returning any topNprocesses: 


The logs would show: 

Aug 23 15:33:51:903 [139945364088704] cdm: (GetTopNProcesses) - running '/bin/ps -e -o pcpu,ppid,pid,args, --sort=-pcpu | head -n 4' 
Aug 23 15:33:51:903 [139945364088704] cdm: (GetTopNProcesses) - in nimPopen() 
Aug 23 15:33:52:019 [139945364088704] cdm: (GetTopNProcesses) - fgets() failed: Operation now in progress 



   Line 236: Aug 17 14:01:34:796 [140604418180992] cdm: (GetTopNMemoryConsumingProcesses) - fgets() failed: Success




Release : UIM 20.4.x, CDM any version


A PATH variable in Robot environment added to meet the Oracle probe requirements, overrides the system path variable.

Due to this the cdm probe is not able to get the command path and failed to run the command.


Remove the PATH variable from the Robot environment

And ensure the oracle's PATH in added in the system's Environment Variable as PATH. So no additional "PATH" is required in ROBOT environment.

After removing this, The system Environment Variable PATH will be picked up and the command will work. 

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