Endevor Bridge for Git (EGB) initialization is stuck at 99%
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Endevor Bridge for Git (EGB) initialization is stuck at 99%


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Endevor Bridge for Git map initialization is stuck at 99% for an Endevor inventory location that has only 1 element.
The mapping activity screen says that the 1 element was successfully retrieved about 4.5 hours ago but the Administration screen and the Git-Endevor Mappings screen both say the initialization is 99%. 


Release : 18.0, 18.1, 19.0
Component : Bridge for Git 2.15.0


There is a  process in the application that removes temp files older than 72 hours.
It appears that the  initialization took longer than expected and some of the temp files could have been deleted and it is unable to continue. 
This has been improved in a next version that Broadcom should release in a September 2023. 

Until the next version is released, please check the below settings and increase the age of the temp files being deleted, it can set in the app.yml :
      enabled: true
      file-retention-hours: 144
      run-every-hours: 2
This will make the temp-files-removal process to delete files older than 144 hours, that would be enough time for the mapping to be initialized.

Additional Information

If necessary, please contact Endevor support for the new version of Bridge for Git