Intertest for VS Code Using the RESTAPI
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Intertest for VS Code Using the RESTAPI


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InterTest - CICS


Having configured intertest using VScode extensions. 

Setup one started task ( like TOMCAT server ) on the mainframe and connected to VSCode using TCPIP(sockets)  and configured to use one CICS region.

Can this configuration be extended for other CICS regions?

Is there a need to have multiple TCPIP PORTS to support this? 




Release : 11.0


One Tomcat instance (started task) can service multiple CICS regions.

As for the TCPIP ports, the CICS regions do not need to listen on any specific TCPIP port.

Rather, they just need to be able to make outgoing connections in order to connect to the Tomcat instance.

Therefore the setup done for the first CICS region can be replicated to other CICS regions.