Monitoring iSeries AS400 not discovering OS versions in OC
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Monitoring iSeries AS400 not discovering OS versions in OC


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


OC does not show AS400 OS version in 20.4


Release : 20.4 CU8. 


 I have attached 2 zip files. these are real zip files because of the probe name.
Unzip the first file and deploy to your primary archive, then deploy to the primary uim and follow these steps.

  1. Deploy build one for existing robots from above box location(discovery_server20.46T3).
  2. Once the build is deployed then restart the AS400 servers and after some time verify the OS information in OC. Please note that once you deploy these builds you will get OS Type, OS name and OS description value. As said earlier, robot is not sending os_version as AS400 are very old systems and robot is not able to find the version info using uname standard command so you will not get the OS version for AS400 servers.
  3. Once the OS information is populated successfully for all as400 servers then deploy build 2 for new robots(discovery_server20.46T4). (It will not impact the OS information for existing as400 servers).

Additional Information

This may be fixed in 20.4CU9.


Build 2 for new get_app
Build 1 for existing get_app