Password age shows incorrect details.
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Password age shows incorrect details.


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Control Compliance Suite Directory Services Control Compliance Suite


When running a query against domain users the Password Age is showing incorrectly for some users in Control Compliance Suite (CCS).

The cache was cleared before running this query.
The user password last set is showing 9/13. Password age is showing incorrect values, shows 10 days old when it should be showing 0 days old.



Release : CCS Infra Release 12.5.2


The user's password was set just after the domain cache was re-created.

CCS will go and collect the PasswordLastSet value directly from the domain however that is also stored in the domain cache, Password Age uses the value in the domain cache to show the password age.


Backup and remove the current domain cache file.

Now rerun the query, and recheck those users it will now show the correct Password Age.
Unless the user sets their password again just after the domain cache is rebuilt, in which case just go through those steps again.