javascript handler is not populating attributes in dropdowns
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javascript handler is not populating attributes in dropdowns


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CA Identity Portal


When configuring an action in Identity Portal, in which you are using a javascript handler to display a dropdown list of attribute option values, the values do not display.



Identity Portal 14.4 CP2


A regression was found in Identity Portal14.4 CP2.

A workaround is to save a change in the OPTIONS tab (see resolution below).

You should not need to update and change the OPTIONS tab when you have no real need to add any options. This is a regression from previous versions.

Engineering has created a code fix that will be included in a future release (to be determined) that eliminates the need for a workaround.



As a workaround, save a change (make any change) in the OPTIONS tab to fix the problem.

Below we added the name Test Option and saved the change. Then when testing the task in IP you'll see the drop-down work but with the extra Test Option displayed as one of the selections. You can save any name(s), it doesn't matter, we just used Test Option for demonstration.

Afterwards, you can go back to the Options tab and delete Test Option and save the change.
It appears that a change needs to be saved in the Options tab in order for the drop-down to execute the initialization code. The dropdown will always work thereafter.