Prevent a user from approving their own PanAPT move request
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Prevent a user from approving their own PanAPT move request


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Is there a way to prevent a user from approving a move request that was opened by that user ?   


Release : 3.2


Change the Control File Activity MOVEREQ-APM-level records to OWNER=D.          

1)  Log on to PanApt and in the Main Menu go to  -
            CTL or C - Control file maintenance 
2)  On the Control File Maintenance panel,  do an Inquiry on Activity:
-------------------  Control File Maintenance - Entry Panel  -------  CA-PanAPT
Command ===>                                                                                                                                
Enter Action  ==>      ( ADD or A , CHG or C , INQ or I , DEL )                                                                    
Enter S to Select:                                        
|  Record Type       Key                  Instructions  
 User id       ==>                      (Enter UserID, Blank for list)
i  Activity      ==>          /           (Enter File/Action, Blank for list)
3) On the Control File Activity List display, scroll down to the Activity -  MOVEREQ -APM-level  ,  and check the setting of the OWNER field:
-------------------------  Control File Activity List  ----- Row 1 to 35 of 82
Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR 
Action Commands:                                                          
|    CHG or C     INQ or I                                                
|    Last-Action                                                          
V    |       Activity        Administrator  <--- Activity Allowed By ---->
Act  V  Type       Action    Admin   Group  Owner Sec  Anyone  Oper  Other
      MOVEREQ    APM-PROD    Y       N      D    I      N      Y     N  
        MOVEREQ    APM-QA      Y       Y      Y    I      N      Y     N  
        MOVEREQ    APM-QA2     Y       Y      Y    I      N      Y     N 
If set to Y, then the owner of the Move request is allowed to approve it at that level.  In this example, level = QA and QA2
If set to D, then the owner is Denied and not allowed to approve the Move request at that level.   In the example, level  = PROD
Link to the Control File Activity maintenance doc:
Link about Authorizing the Owner -