How to enable DEBUG on ESP Adapter
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How to enable DEBUG on ESP Adapter


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Automation Analytics & Intelligence


This article describes how to enable DEBUG on the ESP Adapter for the purposes of troubleshooting issues of events not coming in Automation Analytics and Intelligence (AAI). 



Product: Automation Analytics and Intelligence, ESP Adapter

Release: 6.4.X




NOTE: Below are the steps on how to enable DEBUG as well as turn on LIVEDATA on ESP side since if that is not on, events will not be published in AAI


1. To enable DEBUG on ESP Adapter, in ADPTPROP configuration member, set


2. Restart the adapter. 

3. Afterwards, in STDOUT DD should be observed:

I Starting EdaBootKt using Java 1.8.0_351 on ABCDEF31 with PID 12345 (/CA/test/C2023-09-12 01:57:53.025 D Running with Spring Boot v2.7.10, Spring v5.3.26                                                          

I No active profile set, falling back to 1 default profile: "default" 


Sent data chunk of '8'records with last being: "1","2","ABC12D1AB0380ABC#12345",...

Next poll will be: 30000ms                                                        

Sending livedata chunk size: '1993'        

4. If "Sent data chunk" is missing, check if the live data service is not turned on:

In Sysview or SDSF, you can use the MODIFY command F ESP,SERVICE LIVEDATA, or in ISPF in ESP in Page Mode SERVICE LIVEDATA command.

The output should be:

16.01.56 STC21020  ESPM__7560I Live Data Service information  490  
   490             LIVE DATA SERVICE : Enabled                      
   490             LOGSTREAM STATE   : Connected                    
   490             LOGSTREAM NAME    : ESP.ESPM.LS                  
   490             TRACE             : Info                        
   490             INITFAIL          : Ask                          
   490             LIVE DATA CKPT    : CYB2.ABCDE12.ESP.LD.CKPT
   490             ENF               : Allowed                      
   490             RETRY INTERVAL    : 10s                          
   490             RETRY LIMIT       : 3                        

If the SERVICE LIVEDATA command output shows something like disabled, enable it by SERVICE LIVEDATA ENABLE.