ESP REST 12.3.1 does not appear to show all Agent Endpoints.
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ESP REST 12.3.1 does not appear to show all Agent Endpoints.


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ESP Workload Automation


I can get a listing of agents via the R12.2.1 RESTapi SWAGGER and AGENT endpoints are listed there.  In the SWAGGER page I have for R12.3.0, I do not have agent endpoints. 


Release : 12.0


In REST 12.3.0 we disabled the agent endpoint by default because new messages were appearing in the log and there was concer. 


In Version above 12.3.0 there was a need to add the properties in order to enable Agent Endpoints.

ENHANCEMENT DESCRIPTION:                                             
ESP Workload Automation REST API Release 12.3.0 brings the following 
new features:                                                        
 - Support for WLA Agent Manager 1.0.0.                              
 - Zowe API Mediation Layer integration.                             
 - The v2 version of /events endpoints.                              
 - The sample JCL CYBWS006 is updated with TIME=1440 parameter in    
   the EXEC statement.                                               
 - The sample CYBWS008/RESTPROP is updated with the new Zowe API ML  
   configuration properties.                                         
 - Improved stability and security.                                  

Please see the new CYBWS008/RESTPROP sample for new parameters.
To enable agents-related endpoints make sure esp.agents.enabled
is set to true. It is not case sensative so if enabled is spelled wrong since the server does not recognize the statement it will be ignored and no error is produce. The only way to know is the endpoints will be missing on swagger.