AAI Unify JNLP Thick Client Multi User
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AAI Unify JNLP Thick Client Multi User


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Is it possible to allow more than one user on the same server to access the AAI thick client at one time?

In this scenario we have multiple "jump servers" in both production and pre-production. If a user connects to server 1 they can download and run the AAI thick client, if a second user connects to server 2 they can also download and access the thick client. 

However, if both users log onto server 1, only one instance of the thick client can be ran and the second user can not access it. 


Release : 6.4.6


There is an AAI server side parameter client.crosstalk-port

To amend the parameter you will need to launch the AAI config tool located in the config directory within the AAI installation directory.
      On Linux, run the run.sh script.
      On Windows, run the run.bat script.

Once the configuration tool is open, navigate to the 'Params' tab, select show 'less commonly configured', set the parameter to a value of 'none', click on Apply and then OK [screen capture below]. There is no need to restart the AAI server when this parameter is changed.