Running a Full scan command fails if a reboot occurs before the scan is completed
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Running a Full scan command fails if a reboot occurs before the scan is completed


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When a scheduled scan is interrupted during a reboot, it correctly resumes on reboot. When manually running a full scan command from the SES console and if the SEP client reboots during this scan, it is flagged as failed and do not resume.

Steps to reproduce: 

- Run full scan command

- Wait for the scan to start

- Later, reboot


Release : 14.3 RU7 and prior


A feature request has been generated: ESFR-2468.

General details are below:

The Use Case: What problem is the customer trying to solve?
For security reasons they run admin-initiated scans against target clients as required, but if the user shuts down or reboots their system, the scan is considered failed and doesn't resume or retry.

Why is it important to them? What benefit to they expect to achieve?
As the scan is required, if it fails due to a shutdown or reboot, they miss the requirement and the system remains a potential threat.

Is there a compelling event creating urgency for this request? (Examples: exec escalation, compliance deadline, active breach, audit finding, new law/regulation coming into effect, etc...)
They consider it important to meet their compliance guidelines.

Is this FR an enhancement to an existing feature where some functionality or manual workaround exists today but it should be improved? Or is this a request for a new feature?
New Feature

Is this enhancement specific to this customer, or a specific region/country/vertical? Or does it have the same benefit to all customers? (Example: All customers)
All Customers, any failure can have a retry count (retry 2 times for example) which will improve the success rates of scanning. 

NOTE: The implementation of new features, if they are accepted, can take some time to achieve.

If you want to see this feature implemented, please create a case with Broadcom Support and quote the above Feature Request number to have your company added to the requestor list.