Query based portlet modifications (Clarity PPM)
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Query based portlet modifications (Clarity PPM)


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We have a query based portlet that has been modified. A few fields have been removed from the query, but those are still present at the portlet.
Users can see the deprecated fields on their portlet list view. But when trying to configure their portlet view those are not visible. 
How can we ensure that the fields removed from the query are also removed from the portlet?


The portlet definition still holds references to the fields that were removed


Solution 1:
1. Go to Administration > Studio > Portlets
2. Find the portlet affected
3. Select the portlet and click on the Export button
4. This will generate a zip file with the output of the portlet on an xml format
5. Ensure that the references to the deprecated fields are removed
6. XOG the file back in to update the portlet definition

Solution 2:
1. Create a new portlet based on the modified query
2. Replace the old portlet by the new one